About AHAM

The Arabian Horse Association of Michigan (AHAM) is a statewide organization dedicated to encouraging good relations among our members and to aiding and encouraging the breeding, exhibiting, use and perpetuation of the Arabian Horse. We offer our members two Class A shows, a High Point Program, a monthly publication and various seminars and meetings for their information and enjoyment. We welcome your membership!! Questions concerning the association should be directed to Laura Brodzik lauranarabians@comcast.net


General Information

NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS There will be a $100 charge for each NSF check sent to A.H.A.M. You may also lose future check-writing privileges and membership benefits. If not paid on notification, information on your obligation will be forwarded to the AHA for action on their part. This can include fines and possible suspension.


There will also be a $100 charge for every time a credit card transaction is rejected.


Writing a bad check is a fraud and classified as a felony.